Posted on Sep 04, 2015

Really great academic talk (1hr) from Frank Lantz at NYU Game Center about fighting games, how they differ culturally, historically and mechanically from other game genres. I found the sections on the "Paradox of Competition" (you are trying to defeat and yet at the same time co-operate with your foes; you create a game for them to play at the same time as you play the game), the fighter in history and philosophy, and game mastery really fascinating.

Made me really miss my time spent in arcades, mastering SF2, MK1 & 2, KI and others. I miss the competition and that mastering of a skill, and I love the beautiful designs in the modern fighting games we have, but I can't justify the time investment, at least not without a community of people to play against. :/

Playing any competitive game at a high level is beautiful in a tragic kind of way. Becoming the best in anything is the process of giving up on everything else. And yet playing a fighting game can be part of a well rounded life...a source of insight into history, culture, morality, design, ideas, creativity...