Darkest Dungeon: dungeon crawler meets sports management

Posted on Jun 21, 2015

I picked up Darkest Dungeon in the Steam Summer Sale last week and I've been really enjoying my time with it.  It's a gothic fantasy RPG resource/team management game that was KickStarted in Mar 2014 and is currently on Steam Early Access while under development.  Don't let "Early Access" disuade you, the game is fully playable right now.

You don't play any singular character in Darkest Dungeon but instead manage a roster of adventurers who you lead into the areas surrounding your town to defeat monsters, push the story forward, and get loot to build up your town and recruit more adventurers.

On using hash tags in your code comments

Posted on Jun 09, 2015

I write a lot of code comments. It helps me structure my code and make it a bit easier to scan, but it helps my future self too: understand why I did something; alerts for pitfalls or not so obvious code structures; etc.  I've also written apologies to other developers who may come across my code one day. :P

Something that I've started doing in the past year is "tagging" my code: adding hashtags to act as bookmarks to help me find key lines of code that are related to something I'm working on or something I did in the past.

Some examples:

// #tags #kludge #revisit


// #tags #2015rebuild #govLimits

They always start with "#tags" so I can find all the tags later (doing a search inside project files) and remind myself of what keywords I used, and then follow up with something more descriptive about whatever I'm tagging.