About This Site

I think it has become a given in the modern web development world that nobody knows everything all the time. For many of us web workers, having strong "Google-fu" is a must when it comes to learning new tech, finding solutions to problems, and figureing out why the heck you're getting that particular error message.

I've been saved countless times by some random developer, who, after hours of banging their head against the wall over a problem, solved it and shared their wisdom on their blog or in some forum post so that the rest of us could avoid that same frustration.

This website is my attempt to "give something back".

About Me

I'm a senior web developer working in Toronto.  I've been building websites and applications for over a decade, working on projects for clients like The National Ballet of Canada, Cirque du Soliel, Royal Bank of Canada, David Usher, Soulpepper Theatre, Royal Canin, Canadian Business Magazine, Chatelaine, Mazda, Chrysler, Realnet, Workopolis, Foster Plan Canada, Rogers Media and many more.

I do front-end and back-end coding, building cross-browser/platform/pixel-perfect XHTML/JS/CSS and Flash interfaces, and hook them up to PHP/MySQL applications.  Lately I've been doing a lot of work in Drupal, and in the near-future I hope to be building mobile-friendly sites, working in HTML5 and building games.  You can find out more on Linked In.

In my spare time I DJ, sing in a choir, do audio restoration, think about and play board/video games, and lead a home church.